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Yaakov Lichter


A short introduction

Born in 1948, Yaakov (Jacob) Lichter lives in the village of Yuvallim, in the Galilee, Israel, with his spouse. They have five children and nine grandchildren. Yaakov has background and experience in physics (R&D in various areas), business administration and management, entrepreneurship in hi-tech, and philosophy. He has authored three books: "Apples, Stars and Healing Ghosts: Thoughts about Knowing," 2018, Gvanim Publishing House (in Hebrew); "Yuvallim: The Story of a Breakthrough," 2019, Magen Publishers (in Hebrew); and "Life & Theories: Encounters of the Third Kind," 2023, Niv Books (in English).


Gödel’s Incompleteness and the Realm of Wildlife

Humans relate to nature through the intermediation of abstract linguistic concepts that aren’t themselves part of nature. Animals, on the other hand, relate to nature through actions—gestures, secretions, sounds, etc.—that evoke meaning in a manner directly grounded in the elements of nature. The potential power of this more direct approach has been illustrated by Kurt Gödel, who used elements of mathematics—natural numbers and arithmetic operations—to model mathematics itself and investigate its nature, thereby unlocking great insight. This is analogous to how animals relate to their world. Could Gödel’s insight help us transcend the artificial boundaries created by our abstract concepts and, thereby, better understand reality?

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