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Dr. Helen Yetter-Chappell


A short introduction

Dr. Yetter-Chappell has a PhD in philosophy from Princeton University. She has been a Lecturer at the University of York, Assistant Professor at Bowling Green University, and is currently Assistant Professor at the University of Miami. Helen works on topics at the intersection of metaphysics and the philosophy of mind. She is currently developing a novel quasi-Berkeleyan idealism. She aims to secure commonsense verdicts about objectivity and persistence in a world where objects are fundamentally phenomenal, without relying on the controversial resources of theism. She is particularly interested in the place of ordinary conscious agents (like us) in reality—exploring the implications of idealism for both the mind-body problem and perception. Her other research focuses on consciousness (its nature, contents, and how limited agents like us conceptualize it). She has additional interests in meta-ethical naturalism/nonnaturalism (and its relation to physicalism/dualism in the philosophy of mind), metaphysical indeterminacy and ontic vagueness, mental imagery, introspection, and character/virtue.


Reality is the tapestry of perception (The Return of Idealism)

The materialist worldview robs reality of its colour, temperature, smell, leaving us with a picture that is radically at odds with our common sense understanding of the world. Helen Yetter-Chappell proposes an alternative: reality is made of experiences, woven together into an experiential tapestry that persists even when we aren’t looking.

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