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Markus Müller, PhD


A short introduction

Dr. Müller is Group Leader at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information in Vienna, Austria, and a member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. He is also a Visiting Fellow at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, in Waterloo, Canada. Prior to these appointments, Dr. Müller has been an Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Foundations of Physics at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. He received his doctorate from the Berlin University of Technology in 2007, with a thesis tiled Quantum Kolmogorov Complexity and the Quantum Turing Machine, under the supervision of Prof. Ruedi Seiler. Dr. Müller has over 50 technical publications to his name, and is a member of Essentia Foundation's Academic Advisory Board.


Panel discussion: the role of the observer, the double-slit experiment, the reality of physical laws, etc.

The participants of Essentia Foundation’s 2022 work conference, on the physics of first-person perspective, discuss whether there are objective physical laws out there in nature, whether the double-slit and similar experiments capture the essence of quantum mechanics, whether the scientific method demands inter-subjective confirmation, and what constitutes an observing agent under Quantum Bayesianism. This video completes our coverage of the 2022 conference. Stay tuned for news about the upcoming 2023 conference, which promises to be even more exciting!

Panel discussion, the physics of first-person perspective (day 1)

A panel discussion with Markus Müller, Caslav Brukner, Nuryia Nurgalieva and Eric Cavalcanti, closing the first day of ‘The Physics of First-Person Perspective’ conference.

An introduction to the physics of first-person perspective

An introduction to the ‘physics of first-person perspective’ conference, highlighting the relevance of the topics addressed to our understanding of the nature of reality.

The physics of first-person perspective: An introduction

An informal chat between Dr. Markus Müller (IQOIQ-Vienna, Austrian Academy of Sciences), Dr. Bernardo Kastrup and Hans Busstra (Essentia Foundation), recorded just after the online conference “The physics of first-person perspective.” The conversation provides a tantalizing preview of the themes discussed in the conference, as well as their relevance to how we view the nature of reality.

Quantum physics and the first-person perspective

The Nobel Prize in physics this year (2022) went the scientists who showed that the physical world is a product of observation and relative to the observer. And so Essentia Foundation’s conference this year is organized in collaboration with the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Vienna (IQOQI-Vienna), home to Prof. Anton Zeilinger, one of this year’s Nobel Laureates in physics. The conference will be hosted by IQOQI-Vienna’s Dr. Markus Müller and feature seven other speakers.

The Collapse

Hans Busstra and his guest, Dr. Markus Müller, make Quantum Mechanics intuitively understandable, while remaining true to it. They argue that we must start from a first-person perspective and predict what we will see next, as opposed to the metaphysical presupposition of an external, objective physical universe with standalone existence. If truly understood, as this episode attempts to help you do, his views are as compelling as its implications are world-changing.

The physics of first-person perspective: An interview with physicist Dr. Markus Müller

After Dr. Müller’s extraordinary presentation during Essentia Foundation’s 2020 online work conference, we, the editors, felt the need to interview him and explore his ideas further. If you haven’t watched his presentation already, we recommend you do so before reading on. The video is linked.

From enigmas in physics to a structural version of idealism

Our first-person perspective is primary, the external world emergent, argues physicist and member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Markus Müller, in his presentation during Essentia Foundation’s 2020 online work conference. A follow-up interview with Dr. Müller, expanding on the topics of his presentation, is also available.

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