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Prof. Vladimir Serkin, PhD, PhD


A short introduction

Vladimir P. Serkin is a psychology professor and a writer. He holds two doctoral degrees (1988, 2005) and teaches at the Department of Organizational Psychology of the National Research University, “Higher School of Economics,” in Moscow. His work is focused on the psychology of consciousness, psychosemantics, the professional specificity of the image of the world and lifestyle, and postponed life syndrome. He is an author of monographs and textbooks on psychosemantics and has more than 160 scientific and methodological publications to his name. His best-selling books “The Laughter of the Shaman”, “Shaman's Freedom” and “Shaman’s Stars” have been republished in Russian more than 50 times. Some have been translated into three European languages. He is an Honorary Specialist of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation (2006) and the recipient of HSE's ‘Best Teacher’ award in the years 2014–2020. Contact e-mail:


The activity theory of consciousness

Prof. Vladimir Serkin discusses a theory of consciousness whereby the latter is not regarded as merely a product of physiological function. His isn’t an idealist approach and, therefore, we at Essentia Foundation reserve judgment about it. However, the theory is undoubtedly scholarly and reveals the remarkably interesting directions in which Russian academia is pursuing an explanation for mind. They aren’t as held back by physicalist prejudices as similar efforts in the West, and thus deserve our careful attention.

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