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Nadia Hassan


A short introduction

Nadia is a British-Lebanese artist currently based in Lebanon. She studied drama, singing, tap dance and ballet at the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London and has been involved in Beirut's theatre scene as a leading actress for over fifteen years, most recently in an acclaimed stage adaptation of Sir Tom Stoppard's "Darkside." Nadia co-starred in a nation-wide TV ad campaign for a law protecting women and children from domestic violence. She has appeared in film, most recently in "Only the Winds"—selected for the 50th International Film Festival Rotterdam and Visions de Réel 2021—on which she was also assistant director. Nadia occasionally writes and has been featured in regional and international publications, including Raseef22, Sukoon and AramcoWorld.


Nadia Hassan reads ‘Re-thinking identity: Children’s experiences of self’

In the best episode of ‘Essentia Readings’ yet, Nadia Hassan introduces us to her young niece, a child who is aware, during sleep, of the fact that she is asleep. This suggests that our original, natural sense of self and consciousness, before culture tells us how to think about both, is much different than our adult understanding.

Nadia Hassan reads, ‘Near-Death Experiences during cardiac arrest’

In the fourth episode of the Essentia Readings podcast (available for free on all major platforms), Nadia Hassan reads Dr. Pim van Lommel’s ‘Near-Death Experiences during cardiac arrest,’ a half-hour of fascinating material.

Nadia Hassan reads ‘What is consciousness?’

In the third episode of the Essentia Readings podcast (available for free on all major directories), Nadia Hassan reads Dr. Gerald Woerlee’s What is consciousness? A half-hour of fascinating material that may surprise you.

Nadia Hassan reads ‘Communicating through the collective unconscious’

In this fascinating second episode of the Essentia Readings podcast, Nadia reads Prof. Victor Petrenko’s work. Nadia’s commentary towards the end is particularly spellbinding! This podcast is available through all major platforms.

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