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Johannes Jörg

Systems Thinking

A short introduction

Johannes Jörg is trained in landscape ecology and has been working as a landscape designer for many years. He runs a design agency specialized on the integration of human infrastructure and ecological functionality, and has taught ecosystemic design in urban planning at the University of Stuttgart, among others. His long-standing meditative practice and profound introspective realizations have drastically altered his self-perception and forced him to revise his worldview. This process has led him to reformulate his conceptual understanding of the world and of being human in a process-relational framework of systems theory. The combination of systems thinking, design approach and introspective insight makes for a unique, original take on the relations between science, philosophy and introspection.


The Copernican Revolution of the human mind

Today’s Essentia Readings episode calls for a revolution. And like a number of revolutions in history, it is an attempt to dethrone a controversial king; one the author thinks has long outstayed his welcome, and led us all rather astray. He presents the way to our freedom, and the promise of truths therein.

How to understand your mind, beyond thought

The unmediated experience of where the question “what am I?” arises in our mind is already its answer, writes Johannes Jörg; an answer that cannot be produced by thought alone. To understand our own minds, we must go beyond conceptual reasoning and explore our older, more primary mental faculties. By merely being aware of our often-ignored inner states, we can restore balance to our lives. This is because living systems are self-organizing: when dysregulation comes into awareness, it is already being regulated.

The Copernican Revolution of the human mind

Conceptual reasoning might seem as central to our understanding of self and world today as the Earth once seemed central in the pre-Copernican cosmos. But just as the Copernican Revolution repositioned the Earth in the orbit of a much larger system, an on-going revolution in our understanding of ourselves will dramatically expand the boundaries of our inner cosmos.

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