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Daniela Panighetti


A short introduction

Daniela Panighetti graduated in philosophy in 2008, at the University of Verona, and is currently majoring in psychology. During her studies, she dealt with the mind-matter problem, immersing herself in it from the perspectives of both philosophy and psychology. She has also deepened her study of oriental philosophy in relation to the mind-matter problem with prof. M. Bergonzi at the University of Naples “L’Orientale.”


The timeless mind: A thought experiment

Mind cannot be reduced to matter. Therefore, instead of looking for the origin of mind, we must understand reality in semiotic terms: as a universal set of signifiers and meanings. This is the argument put forward by Massimilano Sorrentino and Daniela Panighetti in this essay.

Mind may be older than we think

We may have reasons to believe that life is an intentional work of art; and not a very original one, for it may be based on a form of planetary imitation!

Conscious storms and the origin of life

This surprisingly coherent and empirically well-grounded essay argues that, although governed by blind, purposeless laws of nature, the Earth’s atmosphere—just like biological brains—may be associated with a subjective first-person perspective, and may have therefore purposely created life on Earth. The essay coherently brings together a compatibilist approach to free will, an idealist metaphysics and speculations about abiogenesis.

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