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Dr. Graham Stew, DPhil.


A short introduction

Dr Graham Stew retired as a Principal Lecturer in Health Sciences from the University of Brighton in 2020. He worked in Higher Education for thirty years, and has a background in mental health and general nursing. His research interests have included inter-professional education, change management, reflective practice and mindfulness teaching. He currently supervises doctoral students and teaches research methodologies to postgraduate students. Graham has a personal interest in non-dual traditions and philosophy, and has published four books on the subject. His main research expertise lies in the field of phenomenology, hermeneutics, interpretative phenomenological analysis and the philosophy of qualitative research.


Experience requires no personal self

We tend to think that experiences are given to our personal subjectivity. Dr. Stew shows here, using easy-to-follow Western reasoning, that no such personal self needs to exist for experience itself to exist.

An objective science of subjective experience

The West has attempted to develop its own methodology for the objective study of our conscious inner states: phenomenology. A work in progress as it still may be, it provides an antidote to naive positivistic attitudes that have dominated science until very recently. Dr. Stew reviews the historical timeline of this methodology and relates it to materialism and idealism. In so doing, he provides a systematic framework for understanding much of what Essentia Foundation publishes and promotes. This is the first part of a two-part series that will be continued next week, so stay tuned for the follow-up.

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