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Eric Cavalcanti, PhD

Quantum Physics

A short introduction

Dr. Cavalcanti is a theoretical physicist exploring the fundamental nature of the quantum world from a quantum information perspective. His research expertise includes quantum information theory, foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum atom-optics, probability and decision theory, causal networks philosophy of physics, among other topics. He is currently an ARC Future Fellow and an Associate Professor at the Centre for Quantum Dynamics at Griffith University, in sunny Queensland, Australia. He is based on Griffith’s largest campus, in the beachside city of Gold Coast.


Panel discussion, the physics of first-person perspective (day 1)

A panel discussion with Markus Müller, Caslav Brukner, Nuryia Nurgalieva and Eric Cavalcanti, closing the first day of ‘The Physics of First-Person Perspective’ conference.

Experimental metaphysics with first-person perspectives

Dr. Eric Cavalcanti, from Griffith University Center for Quantum Dynamics, discusses ways to inform metaphysics by leveraging laboratory experiments with quantum systems in a superposition.

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