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Hilary Lawson


A short introduction

Hilary Lawson is a philosopher and award-winning broadcaster who has been hosting the philosophy and global politics debate strands of the Institute of Art and Ideas (IAI) since 2010. He is also the founder of the IAI. His theory of "closure" puts forward a non-realist metaphysics arguing that people close the openness of the world with thought and language. The book has been described by Don Cupitt as "perhaps the first large-scale Anglo-Saxon non-realist metaphysics." Lawson has also had a broadcasting and documentary film-making career and founded "Television and Film Productions," now known as TVF Media.


Metaphysics without fantasy (The Return of Metaphysics)

What defined much of 20th-century philosophy was an attempt to overcome metaphysics and replace it with science. But those attempts failed. From the Logical Positivists and Wittgenstein to Derrida and Heidegger, metaphysics found its way back into the very theories that were trying to get rid of it. But even if metaphysics is inescapable, we cannot simply return to speculative theorizing about the ultimate nature of reality. Instead, we need to recognize that all theories have limits and are merely attempts to find better ways to navigate our way in the world, not to discover ‘the mind of God,’ argues Hilary Lawson.

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