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Emily Adlam, PhD

Quantum mechanics

A short introduction

Dr. Adlam works on the foundations of quantum mechanics and related issues in the philosophy of physics. She is particularly interested in approaches to physics that go beyond the time evolution paradigm, encompassing a range of possibilities like temporal non-locality, retro-causality, and all-at-once laws. She is also interested in pursuing the consequences of these possibilities for philosophical topics like laws and determinism. Emily is looking into recent developments in the quantum clocks research program and trying to understand what these results tell us about the nature of time. Dr. Adlam received her PhD in relativistic quantum information from the University of Cambridge. Prior to that, she completed the Perimeter Scholar’s international program in theoretical physics, and did her undergraduate degree in physics and philosophy at the University of Oxford.


Panel discussion: the role of the observer, the double-slit experiment, the reality of physical laws, etc.

The participants of Essentia Foundation’s 2022 work conference, on the physics of first-person perspective, discuss whether there are objective physical laws out there in nature, whether the double-slit and similar experiments capture the essence of quantum mechanics, whether the scientific method demands inter-subjective confirmation, and what constitutes an observing agent under Quantum Bayesianism. This video completes our coverage of the 2022 conference. Stay tuned for news about the upcoming 2023 conference, which promises to be even more exciting!

Does science need intersubjective confirmation?

In this fascinating presentation about the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics, Dr. Emily Adlam discusses the problem of confirmation in orthodox interpretations.

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