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Nadia Hassan reads ‘Re-thinking identity: Children’s experiences of self’

Nadia Hassan reads ‘Re-thinking identity: Children’s experiences of self’

Listening | Psychology | 2021-12-12

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In the best episode of ‘Essentia Readings’ yet, Nadia Hassan introduces us to her young niece, a child who is aware, during sleep, of the fact that she is asleep. This suggests that our original, natural sense of self and consciousness, before culture tells us how to think about both, is much different than our adult understanding. The original essay by Dr. Thomas can be found here.

Nadia Hassan reads, ‘Near-Death Experiences during cardiac arrest’

Nadia Hassan reads, ‘Near-Death Experiences during cardiac arrest’

Listening | Medicine | 2021-11-07

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In the fourth episode of the Essentia Readings podcast (available for free on all major platforms), Nadia Hassan reads Dr. Pim van Lommel’s Near-Death Experiences during cardiac arrest, a half-hour of fascinating material.

Today’s article delves into a phenomenon that has been largely dismissed. One’s position regarding these events tends to encapsulate a person’s view on the fundamental nature of life, as it deals with its apparent end: death, or a close brush with it. We’ll be looking at the scientific research into the phenomena of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) and what this can tell us about human consciousness as a whole.

Reality Reminded, a podcast like no other!

Reality Reminded, a podcast like no other!

Listening | Journalism

Hans Busstra | 2021-10-24

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We are exceedingly happy to be launching the Reality Reminded podcast today, with acclaimed Dutch documentary filmmaker Hans Busstra. Could it be that we have ‘un’minded reality and now need to ‘re’mind it? This is a show like no other, in that each episode covers a specific theme, as opposed to a specific interviewee; the listening experience has an almost visual feel to it; and the content covered is more akin to an ongoing television documentary than a podcast. And best of all, it’s all FREE.

In Reality Reminded, I share my research for a new documentary about metaphysical idealism. In this first episode, I take you back to what first fired my interest in idealism: my fascination with conscious artificial intelligence. Diving into the idea of spiritual machines, I found myself stumbling upon metaphysical and mathematical problems that point away from materialism.

Could it be that we’ve ‘un’minded reality and now need to ‘re’mind it?

This first episode features archival footage from Ray Kurzweil and Yuval Noah Harari, and exclusive interviews with Meghan O’ Ghieblyn, Jeffrey J. Kripal and Roger Penrose.

Nadia Hassan reads ‘What is consciousness?’

Nadia Hassan reads ‘What is consciousness?’

Listening | Neuroscience | 2021-10-17

Essentia Readings Ep3 thumbnail

In the third episode of the Essentia Readings podcast (available for free on all major directories), Nadia Hassan reads Dr. Gerald Woerlee’s What is consciousness? A half-hour of fascinating material that may surprise you.

Today’s article poses the million-dollar question: “What is consciousness”? A much debated matter among academics, scientists, and thinkers the world over for centuries, but the burning curiosity germinates in us all and from quite a young age, as soon as we start to wonder who we are, why we’re here, and every other run of the mill existential question. Answers to these questions have been attempted by the religious, the atheist, sometimes by the downright eccentric. Many people look to science and today’s author comes from the world of medicine. What can neuroscience tell us about the nature of consciousness? Let’s find out.

Nadia Hassan reads ‘Communicating through the collective unconscious’

Nadia Hassan reads ‘Communicating through the collective unconscious’

Listening | Psychology | 2021-09-12

Essentia Readings Ep2 thumbnail

In this fascinating second episode of the Essentia Readings podcast, Nadia reads Prof. Victor Petrenko’s work. Nadia’s commentary towards the end is particularly spellbinding! This podcast is available through all major platforms.

The article I’ll be presenting today is by an author whose work has been focused, in part, on the psychology of consciousness and psycho-semantics, problems of the unconscious, altered states of consciousness, ethnic and cross-cultural psychology, and the philosophical issues of psychology. In what I’ll be reading, he explores our current understanding of the collective unconscious, how it functions, the value it presents for humanity, and what we can unlock if we are able to tune into it more actively.

Launching the Essentia Readings podcast, with Nadia Hassan

Launching the Essentia Readings podcast, with Nadia Hassan

Listening | Mythology | 2021-08-15

Artist Portrait Nadia Hassan

We are delighted to launch today the Essentia Readings podcast. In it, British-Lebanese artist Nadia Hassan reads a selection of the material published by Essentia Foundation, adding her own commentary and impressions. With this initiative, we hope to reach you with quality, enriching content not only during your reading time, but in other moments of your life as well.

Hello and welcome to the Essentia Readings podcast. My name is Nadia and I’ll be bringing you content from a wide range of contributors: scholars, journalists, philosophers, scientists and academics. All to do with that ineffable thing we call consciousness. What is the underlying nature of reality? How do we explain our experience of the world and others? And what are the real implications of viewing existence from an idealist perspective, rather than the prevalent metaphysical model of materialism? These questions and more will be tackled in the episodes to come, and so whether you’re savvy or simply curious, I invite you to join us on this journey of discovery. The article I’ll be presenting today is actually the first one I read back when the Essentia Foundation website was launched. As soon as I saw the tag “Mythology,” I couldn’t click fast enough. As a longtime lover of mythology and fantasy fiction, I knew that was where I should begin, and so it seems only appropriate that we begin here too. Fellow geeks, this one’s for you.

This podcast is available on all major directories, including BuzzSprout, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify: